Archives 2016

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Here you can find the archives of the 2016 season.  

Bière :

Filename / LinkSize
Scratch NAT.pdf157.84 Kb
NAT.pdf165.41 Kb
Challenges.pdf123.45 Kb
Porsche.pdf121.56 Kb
Scratch Essais NAT.pdf156.15 Kb
Essais NAT.pdf162.96 Kb
EssaisChallenges.pdf120.75 Kb
Régularité Porsche.pdf123.35 Kb
Scratch LOC.pdf198.33 Kb
LOC.pdf205.1 Kb
Scratch Essais LOC.pdf196.48 Kb
Essais LOC.pdf201.82 Kb
Liste des inscrits samedi.pdf172.8 Kb
Liste des inscrits dimanche.pdf152.41 Kb

Bure :

Filename / LinkSize
Scratch NAT.pdf164.9 Kb
NAT.pdf160.98 Kb
Abarth.pdf116.05 Kb
Essais E-2 Abarth.pdf115.65 Kb
Essais E1 - H.pdf127.94 Kb
Essais IS.pdf124 Kb
Essais SS - ISA.pdf114.07 Kb
Essais Abarth.pdf113.36 Kb
Essais NAT.pdf158.15 Kb
Régularité Porsche.pdf112.78 Kb
Scratch LOC.pdf170.32 Kb
Porsche.pdf111.63 Kb
LOC.pdf176.89 Kb
Essais LOC.pdf183.72 Kb
Liste des inscrits dimanche.pdf143.59 Kb
Liste des inscrits samedi.pdf153.04 Kb

Romont :

Filename / LinkSize
Scratch NAT.pdf647.26 Kb
NAT.pdf650.26 Kb
L1 OPC.pdf610.87 Kb
Abarth.pdf604.98 Kb
Essais Abarth.pdf604.78 Kb
Essais L1OPC.pdf607.96 Kb
Scratch Essais NAT.pdf640.98 Kb
Essais NAT.pdf647.28 Kb
Scratch LOC.pdf665.56 Kb
LOC.pdf679.13 Kb
Scratch Essais LOC.pdf663.4 Kb
Essais LOC.pdf675.77 Kb
Liste des inscrits dimanche.pdf644.07 Kb
Liste des inscrits samedi.pdf645.07 Kb

Chamblon :

Filename / LinkSize
Scratch NAT.pdf187.53 Kb
NAT.pdf201.89 Kb
Nord Vaudois.pdf177.62 Kb
Abarth.pdf164.88 Kb
Essais NAT.pdf201.37 Kb
Essais Nord Vaudois.pdf173.41 Kb
Scratch Essais NAT.pdf187.65 Kb
Scratch LOC.pdf235.98 Kb
LOC.pdf242.46 Kb
Scratch Essais LOC.pdf233.24 Kb
Essais LOC.pdf238.99 Kb
Liste des inscrits dimanche NAT.pdf181.07 Kb
Liste des inscrits Dimanche LOC.pdf159.12 Kb
Liste des inscrits samedi.pdf206.53 Kb

Anzère :

Filename / LinkSize
radar NAT.pdf444.87 Kb
Scratch NAT.pdf193.22 Kb
NAT.pdf200.69 Kb
Essais CN- E2.pdf122.59 Kb
Radar REG.pdf218.17 Kb
Scratch REG.pdf134.15 Kb
REG.pdf133.95 Kb
Essais NAT.pdf198.41 Kb
Essais REG.pdf133.82 Kb
Liste des inscrits.pdf180.8 Kb

Rangiers :

Filename / LinkSize
Scratch Training.pdf392.9 Kb
Radar Total.pdf288.84 Kb
Scratch Total.pdf393.11 Kb
Scratch SHCC.pdf338.43 Kb
Scratch EHCC Cat2.pdf271.37 Kb
Scratch EHCC Cat1.pdf239.01 Kb
Scratch EHCC.pdf281.33 Kb
NPEA.pdf404.37 Kb
EHCC Groups.pdf284.44 Kb
SS - RCC.pdf342.62 Kb
ISN - E2.pdf304.44 Kb
training total.pdf418.17 Kb
Scratch training.pdf335.74 Kb
List of the competitors authorized to take part of the training.pdf339.86 Kb
Liste des inscrits.pdf286.85 Kb

Paccots :

Filename / LinkSize
Scratch REG.pdf122.94 Kb
Scratch NAT.pdf154.48 Kb
NAT.pdf174.64 Kb
REG.pdf125.76 Kb
Course 3 E1 - E2-SS.pdf136.68 Kb
Course 3 SS - IS.pdf141.76 Kb
Course 3 REG.pdf124.87 Kb
Course 2 E1 - E2-SS.pdf133.88 Kb
Course 2 SS - IS.pdf139.04 Kb
Course 2 REG.pdf122.81 Kb
Course 1 E1 - E2-SS.pdf132.88 Kb
Course 1 SS - IS.pdf137.7 Kb
Course 1 REG.pdf121.99 Kb
Scratch Essais.pdf169.48 Kb
Essai 5 E1 - E2-SS.pdf135.63 Kb
Essai 5 SS - IS.pdf140.55 Kb
Essai 5 REG.pdf123.47 Kb
Essai 4 E1 - E2-SS.pdf135.01 Kb
Essai 4 SS - IS.pdf139.9 Kb
Essai 4 REG.pdf123.71 Kb
Essai 3 E1 - E2-SS.pdf134.04 Kb
Essai 3 SS - IS.pdf139.44 Kb
Essai 3 REG.pdf123.62 Kb
Essai 2 E1 - E2-SS.pdf133.63 Kb
Essai 2 SS - IS.pdf134.16 Kb
Essai 2 REG.pdf123.27 Kb
Essai 1 E1 - E2-SS.pdf132.92 Kb
Essai 1 SS - IS.pdf133.27 Kb
Essai 1 REG.pdf122.71 Kb
Liste des inscrits.pdf159.61 Kb

Drognens :

Filename / LinkSize
Scratch NAT.pdf175.19 Kb
Abarth.pdf128.09 Kb
NAT.pdf171.51 Kb
Scratch Essais NAT.pdf162.3 Kb
Essais Abarth.pdf124.93 Kb
Essais NAT.pdf168.72 Kb
LOC.pdf191.1 Kb
Scratch LOC.pdf184.68 Kb
Essais LOC.pdf550.76 Kb
Liste des inscrits NAT.pdf155.6 Kb
Liste des inscrits LOC.pdf164.51 Kb